HSS Circular saw blades

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HSS Circular saw blades

STARK circular saws are high-speed wolfram-molybdenum (5% molybdenum) steel and high speed wolfram-molybdenum and cobalt (5% cobalt) steel. The first is characterized by the low fragility, high yield point with consequent mechanical resistance and high degrees of toughness and wear resistance. The second, thanks to the cobalt, has excellent cutting adhesion and hardness and, as a consequence, it is particularly used in cutting stainless steels or materials with high mechanical resistance, which produce high temperatures in the contact area during the cutting process.
These saws are used on manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting-off machines for open section drawn products, round and square drawn products, and pressed and bent profiles of various sizes up to a maximum of 160 mm.

The saws range from between Ø 175 mm and Ø 620 mm, thicknesses of 1 mm min. to 5 mm max., BW teething (used on cutting machines for ferrous materials), HZ (different from BW due to the capacity of breaking the chip into 3 parts that are as wide as 1/3 of the saw thickness), BS “chip breaker ” (designed mainly for cutting tubes) and VP “Variable Pitch ” (used for cutting irregular sections, e.g. tube bundles).
Stark processes special teething on high technology CNC machines (designed by our ENGINEERING division) that use solely CBN grinding wheels, upon request.  With this type of teething, high cutting performance is achieved thanks to improved finish, reduced thermal shocks and accurate tooth geometry.

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