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Investment Approach

After a years of controlling oligarchs, the closing of some business sector and financial institution remains fragile needs to overhaul. On the commercial side, these pressure curtail the growth of small and medium enterprises by making financing less accessible and driving prohibitively high interest rates. Consumers lost both money and trust in the banking system after the financial crisis.

Despite this challenge, some of the business sector and key regulatory bodies look for new legislation that will uphold transparency and accountability, protect businesses and consumers, confront fraud and abuse, thereby restoring public confidence in the financial system. The US Agency for international development has launched the financial sector transformation activity, which will play a pivotal role in supporting efforts to reform non-banking institution.

Sample Activities

  • Support the development and passage new legislation that addresses consumer protection

  • Partner with non-local government organization & university to expand financial literacy

  • Collaborate with leasing and credit union association to raise awareness of critical business constraint

  • Support the establishment of a diaspora investment and facilitate access to financing ready.

Acquiring a major investment global strategy to grow it's market dominance with an expanded line, enhanced scale and stronger innovation abilities.

Too often strategically sound deals fail to live up to expectations such as, missed targets, loss of key people and poor performance in the core business.

Working collaboratively with senior management from both companies we assessed the biggest integration risks and provided options for mitigating them distinct different emerged between investor and the partners.

We helped senior leadership tackle the three major risk:

  • Clarify and define a compelling shared vision during workshop with both management team.
  • Plan for business disruption by identifying people most impacted by change and organizational trouble spots; develop a short and long-term mitigation plan that mobilizes leader supports key employee.
  • Prepare to integrate the culture by prioritizing differences and developing an action plan

We recommended Investment Services leadership adopt a two-part integration.

Pre-merger would involve employee training, customer support and communication from trusted managers to prepare employees.

Post-merger would include launching transformation initiatives that align organization around a shared vision and change behavior to deliver result:

  • Transform the culture in priority areas develop a vision of the future and a “one-team” attitude.
  • Enlist change sponsors to win buy-in by unbroken chain of people who support change from the bottom up to executive suite.
  • Speed execution with decision planning that tracks progress and mitigates ongoing risk.
  • Gain a sustained competitive advantage by building a repeatable model for change.

With our risk assessment and disciplined integration plan, Investment Service and its acquired supplier defied the merger odds. Both companies generated record quarterly results even while executing the merger.


  • Investment Service sales surged 21% with margins rocketing up 44%
  • Acquired supplier increased sales 14% generating 24% increase in operating profits.


  • Investment Service acquisition closed on schedule.
  • The new joint leadership team took over on day one.
  • Initiatives to mitigate risks were put in place as planned.

The key to investmentCo’s success; recognition that takes place overtime, and advance planning has allowed it to deliver on the mergers promises.