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WHY PEOPLE INVESTING? Your first home. Ownership of business and extend business structure. College for your children. A comfortable retirement. These are some reasons to invest.

JMM Investment is an ambitious, comprehensive, and high-standard trade and investment agreement being negotiated between the UAE and all over Gulf, Asian country, across the Europe.

JMM Investment Services help to unlock opportunity for Emirates families, workers, businesses, and to increase access all over the Middle East, Asia and Europe market for goods and services. This will help to promote UAE international competitiveness, jobs and growth. The UAE and EU economies are two developed, modern and most committed to high standards of consumer protection in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. JMM Investment aim to bolster that already strong relationship in a way that will help boost economic growth and additional job. It will be cutting edge agreement aimed and proving greater compatibility and transparency in trade and investment regulation. While maintaining high levels of health, safety and environmental protection. JMM Investment present an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the bond between vital strategic and economic partners.

Why JMM Investment?

What We Do

In 2001 JMM has established companies encompassing a diverse range of sectors. Besides identifying and securing attractive industrial and investment opportunities in the UAE, Asian Countries and the Gulf, JMM also recognizes existing businesses that have potential, but require capital to expand. JMM contributes the requisite assets, therefore becoming a joint venture partner.

Invest With JMM

Since our inception, we have steadily grown and increased the number of industries, subsidiaries and shareholders we work with. In a dynamic economy such as the UAE, the responsibilities an investment company must fulfill are increasingly demanding and challenging. We successfully meet these challenges by improving our capabilities, thereby stimulating the UAE marketplace and contributing to society’s welfare.

Rewarding Excellence

We are committed to employing a compensation approach that rewards excellence, encourages personal contribution and professional growth and aligns employees interests, thus motivating the creation of shareholder value. Long-term corporate success in the financial services industry depends on the strength of human capital, and our goal is to be the employer of choice in the markets and business segments in which we operate.