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Company Structure

Founder & Chairman

Jasim Hassan Juma M. Hussain Almazam

Founder & Chairman - JMM Group of Companies

Jasim Hassan

Mr. Jasim, founder and Chairman of JMM Group of Companies a national builder, developer specializing in fully integrated solutions for more than 20 years. Mr. Jasim leads overall operations and senior staff activities as well as national business development industry, public sector, office, investment, business partner in UAE.

Mr. Jasim, joined the Dubai Police at a young age of 19 and had a long stint of 22 years in the police force as of that he had opportunity to step up in the business world, he is one of the pioneer in business community and pillar to the UAE society. He can assess diverse complicated partners any kind of legal matters as the UAE laws, he established and executes upon strategic, intricately analyzed and process-driven actions. Has focused his energy, experience and expertise into his company through which he offers an extensive portfolio of investment services. As a result of his multilayered, driving initiative through high-value partnerships.

Mr. Jasim, as an officer, leader and family man, over the year company partnership expansion are so fast 300 companies under the JMM Group of Company total commitment, leadership, development and relationship with partners. As a result his reputation is one of transforming fractured organizations, teams and system into cohesive entities that climbing revenue and profits.

Mr. Jasim, start to engage in business management as Entrepreneur putting his own business. He is a pioneer of the business community and pillar to the UAE society. His experience in the field of changing business scenario in UAE and GCC countries laid the foundation for the success business annals in UAE. Under the visionary patronage of Mr. Jasim, within a span of three decades, 300 companies under the flagship of JMM Group of Companies.