We are a leading provider in specialized integrated security services, offering clients a combination of highly skilled security professionals, including security guard and concierge personnel, and sophisticated security technologies.

In today’s world, security has become one of the main issues. At JMM, we offer top of the line security for all kinds of VIPs or physical assets. Our security staff is well trained & well equipped. They are ready to tackle any type of threatening situation at all times.

Moreover, JMM offers a world class vehicle armory service for a high-grade protection. JMM has also been serving its client with the latest cutting-edge technology in surveillance/monitoring and many other modern needs.

  • Manned Security personnel
  • Event Security management
  • Security surveillance
  • Security training & risk analysis
  • Security surveys
  • Crises management plan
  • Screening & Searching
  • VIP movement management training
  • IP video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intelligent car parking management systems
  • Modern ground security  training
  • Drone flying pilot courses



  •   Supply of Armored Vehicles
  • Lease of Armored Vehicles (specific products only)
  •   Rental service (specific products only)
  • Annual Maintenance services package
  •   Supply spare parts
  • Overhaul service ( specific products only)
  •   Upgrading services (specific products only)


  •   Field Gun
  •   Towed Howitzer
  •   Self Propelled Howtzer (SPH)
  •   Self Propelled Artillery Vehicle
  •   Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
  •   Heavy Armored Support Vehicle (HASV)
  •   4×4 Infantry Mobility Vehicle
  • 8×8 Armored Personnel Carrier
  •   Unmanned Grounded Combat Vehicle
  •   Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected Vehicle
  •   Main Battle Tank
  •   4×4 Light Cargo Military Truck
  •   Multyrole 8×8 Wheeled Military Truck
  •   Cash in Transist Armored Vehicles (Commonly use by Bank)